We the People High School Constitutional Competition

Congratulations to Lincoln High School, the 2020 Oregon State Champion



2020 Oregon State Tournament Results:

First Place: Lincoln High School (Teacher: Patrick Magee-Jenks)

Second Place: Grant High School (Teacher: Angela DiPasquale)

Third Place: Central Catholic High School (Teacher: Geoff Stuckart)

Fourth Place: Cleveland High School (Teacher: Sadie Adams)

Fifth Place: Lake Oswego High School (Teacher: Gerrit Koepping)

Sixth Place: Franklin High School (Teacher: David Marsh)




2020 Oregon Regional Competition Results:


Top Six Teams Advancing to the State Tournament (they are awarded in no particular order):

    • Lincoln High School (Bright Yellow)
    • Grant High School (Dark Pink)
    • Central Catholic High School (Pastel Green)
    • Lake Oswego High School (Lavender)
    • Franklin High School (Blue)
    • Cleveland High School (Salmon)


Unit Awards (for the top performers outside the advancing teams in each unit):

    • Unit 1 Award: Madison High School (Purple)
    • Unit 2 Award: Sprague High School (Bright Orange)
    • Unit 3 Award: Franklin High School Demo Team (Tan)
    • Unit 4 Award: Parkrose High School Team 2 (Gray)
    • Unit 5 Award: Parkrose High School Team 1 (Bright Green)
    • Unit 6 Award: Aloha High School (Pastel Yellow)



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