Law Day

Registration is Open until April 15, 2019!

Law Day Student Conference – April 30, 2019
Portland State University
9:00am – 1:30pm

Bring your high school students to an exciting, relevant student conference at Portland State University! Not only will they get to experience a college campus, but they can attend workshops presented by experts, professionals, and activists all on topics that are part of this year’s Law Day theme:



This year, students can use a Conference App on their phones to find the workshops they want to attend! About a week before the event, we will send a link to the app to all the registered teachers to share with students.

Meanwhile, here is the workshop lineup so far. We are still updating it, but check out all the fantastic opportunities:

Morning Session Workshops:

  • Know Your Rights: Search, Seizure, You and the Police
  • Speak your Truth: Activism in Your School (with the Bus Project!)
  • Fake News, Social Media, and the Truth
  • Does a Free Society include Net Neutrality?
  • Immigration & Student Rights (a panel with immigration experts & students)
  • Lobbying & Advocacy: Free Speech with Lawmakers
  • Dress Codes & Political Speech in Schools
  • Is Cyberbulling Free Speech?

Afternoon Session Workshops:

  • Conversations about Race (with Judge Oden-Orr of the Multnomah County Circuit Court)
  • Is a Free Press really Free? (a panel of reports from Willamette Week, the Mercury, the Oregonian, and the Portland Business Journal)
  • Speech as Personal Power: Consent & the Law
  • Speak Your Truth: Activism in your School (with the Bus Project!)
  • Hate Speech & Free Speech: Where do they Meet? (with Randy Blazak, Chair of the Coalition Against Hate Crime)
  • Lobbying & Networking: How to use speech to advocate for your values
  • Mock Trial: Settling Conflicts in a Free Society
  • Personal & Political Speech in the Workplace: is it Free?
  • Protests & Demonstrations: Active Speech in Real Life


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