Law Day

The 2019 Law Day Student Conference:



Morning Session Workshops:

  • Know Your Rights: Search, Seizure, You and the Police
  • Speak your Truth: Activism in Your School (with the Bus Project!)
  • Fake News, Social Media, and the Truth
  • Does a Free Society include Net Neutrality?
  • Immigration & Student Rights (a panel with immigration experts & students)
  • Lobbying & Advocacy: Free Speech with Lawmakers
  • Dress Codes & Political Speech in Schools
  • Is Cyberbulling Free Speech?

Afternoon Session Workshops:

  • Conversations about Race (with Judge Oden-Orr of the Multnomah County Circuit Court)
  • Is a Free Press really Free? (a panel of reports from Willamette Week, the Mercury, the Oregonian, and the Portland Business Journal)
  • Speech as Personal Power: Consent & the Law
  • Speak Your Truth: Activism in your School (with the Bus Project!)
  • Hate Speech & Free Speech: Where do they Meet? (with Randy Blazak, Chair of the Coalition Against Hate Crime)
  • Lobbying & Networking: How to use speech to advocate for your values
  • Mock Trial: Settling Conflicts in a Free Society
  • Personal & Political Speech in the Workplace: is it Free?
  • Protests & Demonstrations: Active Speech in Real Life