Street Law

Street Law

Classroom Law Project partners with Lewis & Clark Law School to bring Street Law to classrooms in the Portland Metro and surrounding areas.

Each semester, law students enroll in the Street Law seminar and teach in a high school classroom.  Street Law topics are an appropriate fit with government, psychology, sociology, and elective law classes.

Law students meet once a week at Lewis & Clark Law School to practice learner-centered teaching methodology and learn the relevant legal topics for their classes.

The ideal situation is for the law students to work with the same class of high school students two periods a week if the periods are 50 minutes or one period a week if the class is 90 minutes.

If you are a classroom teacher in Oregon who is interested in hosting a Street Law teacher, please let us know!  Teachers can learn more from our Street Law Classroom Teacher FAQ.

For more information, contact Chris Parrucci.

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