Ridgley Scholarship Awardees

2021 Awardee: Butch Nasser

2021 Ridgley Scholarship Winner Butch NasserButch Nasser, a 2021 valedictorian from Southridge High School in Beaverton, has been interested in the law since he was a child. That interest led him to join his school’s Mock Trial team as a sophomore. As co-captain, Butch helped lead Southridge’s team to the Oregon State Championship and the National High School Mock Trial Competition his senior year. Mock Trial grew Butch’s quick-thinking skills, and helped him feel at ease in a variety of situations and environments.  In addition to  law, Butch enjoys his favorite hobbies: mastering tabletop games, playing online video games with his friends, fiddling on the trumpet, or satiating his addiction to reading. Butch attends Stanford University this fall, and plans to focus on Electrical Engineering, with the possibility of later studying law. The Ridgleys and Classroom Law Project are proud to support Butch in achieving his goals. Congratulations, Butch!

2020 Awardee: Keana Powers

Keana Powers, 2020 Ridgley Scholarship WinnerKeana Powers is a 2020 graduate of Summit High School in Bend. A participant in the Mock Trial program, Keana co-captained her team through Central Oregon Regionals and on to the state competition at the Hatfield Courthouse in Portland this year. In her application essay, Keana spoke to the many influences in her life that have inspired her interest in science, psychology, government, and the justice system. With the financial assistance from the Bob & Marilyn Ridgley Classroom Law Project Scholarship, Keana attends Oregon State University where her studies focus on criminology and forensic science. The Ridgleys and Classroom Law Project wish Keana all the best in her pursuits!


2019 Awardee: Nadzeya Pahodzina

2019 Ridgley Scholarship Winner Nadzeya Pahodzina

Nadzeya Pahodzina, a Parkrose High School (Portland) graduate, was a consistent leader in the Mock Trial and We the People programs, and participated in many Classroom Law Project events and workshops.  In her application for the scholarship, Nadzeya shared about surviving a difficult childhood that left her feeling powerless, but as she began to participate in Mock Trial and We the People, she grew her sense of justice and power over her own life.  She is the oldest of 5 children and immigrated with her 4 sisters and mother from Russia. In addition to going to school and achieving so much, she works to financially contribute to supporting her sisters and mother. Her teacher, Richard English, says she is not only determined to bring her family out of poverty, but she also demonstrates every day how she breaks through the expectations for students with English as their second language.

2018 Awardee: Phuocan Nguyen

Phuocan Nguyen, a graduate of Central Catholic High School in Portland, was the recipient of the 2018 Bob and Marilyn Ridgley Classroom Law Project Scholarship. Phuocan is the son of Vietnamese immigrants, and credits his parents with his perseverance and work ethic. A member of Central Catholic’s We the People team, he demonstrated a keen understanding of constitutional principles and civic engagement in his application. He attends the University of Portland and is pursuing a career as a policy advisor, using the skills he developed in class and competition with teacher Geoffrey Stuckart. Congratulations, Phuocan!

2017 Awardee: Alyssa Bailey

Determination. If there’s one word that comes to mind when describing Alyssa Bailey, that’s it. Cheerful, optimistic, and confident, this Jefferson High School graduate is determined to make her mark on the world – and to make the world better in the process. Alyssa attended American University in Washington, D.C., where she majored in International Studies with a linguistics focus. She aims for a career in public service, perhaps running for Congress and being a “true representative if the people, looking for common ground to achieve successful results.” The gleam in her eye and subtle smile suggest that her determination can make it happen.

2016 Awardee: Guadalupe Lopez

On June 6, 2016, Parkrose High School senior Guadalupe “Nina” Lopez received the Bob and Marilyn Ridgley Classroom Law Project scholarship. Nina is a dedicated daughter and sister, as well as an excellent student with a passion for political science. She participated in Parkrose High School’s We the People and Mock Trial programs. Ms. Lopez studied political science and anthropology, and has a goal of becoming a political strategist.  Congratulations, Nina!

2015 Awardee: Manaz Rezayee

Parkrose High School senior Ms. Manaz Rezayee received the 2015 Bob and Marilyn Ridgley Classroom Law Project scholarship. Ms. Rezayee, a Parkrose valedictorian with a 4.2 GPA, is a model student and citizen. She was a member of Parkrose mock trial team during her sophomore year and part of the We the People “Constitution Team” during her senior year. Ms. Rezayee plans to become an OB-GYN doctor and work to improve the health of women and children in Afghanistan.

2014 Awardee: Michael Larios-Grave

Mr. Michael Larios-Grave, of Madison High School, was awarded the first Bob and Marilyn Ridgley Classroom Law Project Scholarship in 2014. Board Member John Casey and Executive Director Marilyn Cover presented the award check to Mr. Larios-Grave at the Madison High School Senior Awards Ceremony. Mr. Larios-Grave graduated from the University of Portland and currently works at Nike.