Project Citizen: Civics in Action!

Inquiry-based project learning that leads to relevant, real change in students’ communities is what Project Citizen: Civics in Action is all about!

Join us for the statewide Project Citizen: Civics in Action Showcase at the Capitol on May 29, 2020.


The Basics of a Civics in Action Project:

Step 1 – Identify a problem or gap in policy in your community

Step 2 – Suggest several research-based solutions

Step 3 – Pick a Solution that will have the best outcome and develop an Action Plan to implement the Solution

Step 4 – Testify about Steps 1-3 and be prepared to answer questions from a panel or government entity associated with the issue.

Step 5 – Reflect on the problem-solving process and its outcome

Change your Community, Change your World!

Download an overview of how Project Citizen: Civics in Action can work in your classroom.

Click here for a helpful, interactive demonstration of a Project portfolio.

If you would like Classroom Law Project to come to your school or district during the school year to do a Project Citizen: Civics in Action training, contact Cari Zall.



Project Citizen is a nationwide curriculum developed by the Center for Civic Education.