Project Citizen

Change your Community, Change your World!

Inquiry-based project learning that leads to relevant, real change in students’ communities is what Community Action Projects like Project Citizen are all about!

Join us for the 2019 Project Citizen Showcase at the Capitol!


Civic Action Projects and Project Citizen are inquiry project curricula that give students the opportunity to solve a problem in their community and be a voice of change. Civic Participation is the most authentic way for students to engage with concepts around justice, equity, and public policy, and this is the program that can make that happen in a classroom of any academic subject. Project Citizen helps students from upper elementary through high school build skills such as problem-solving, understanding how government works, gathering information, and working together to find solutions.

To add even more fun to the project, Classroom Law Project hosts a statewide Project Citizen Showcase at the Capitol at the end of every school year for middle and high school classes. A middle school winner of that showcase can go on to participate in the National Showcase.

Download a basic outline of how a Civic Action Project like Project Citizen might work in your classroom.

Click here for a helpful, interactive demonstration of a Project Citizen portfolio.