Oregon Mock Trial Videos

The links below are videos of recent Oregon Mock Trial State Tournament Final Rounds. They provide great examples of Oregon teams in action!

2017- Landry Lopez v. Buddie’s Burgers

(use password mocktrial2017)

Featuring: Lakeridge High School v. St. Mary’s Academy
March 18, 2017


2016 – State of Oregon v. Bobby Dousa

(use password mocktrial2016)

Featuring: Catlin Gabel v. West Linn High School
March 12, 2016


2015 – Leon v. Chinook County Transportation District, et al.

(use password mocktrial15)

Featuring: West Linn High School v. Village Home Education Resource Center
March 12, 2016


2014 – Mia Perez v. Dempsey, Reddick, and the Rubicon Soccer Club

(no password needed)

Featuring: West Salem High School v. West Linn High School
March 15, 2014