Oregon High School Mini-Mock

Want to practice your mock trial skills in a friendly semi-competitive way?

As Oregon High School Mock Trial teams prepare for the Regional Competitions, they may want a chance to practice their courtroom moves, receive feedback from judges and get a feel for how they work together as a team in the trial environment. Below, we suggest a couple of ways teams may engage in that practice prior to their Regional Competition trials. 

Duckpond Showdown

The fantastic students that make up the University of Oregon Mock Trial team host an invitational in which high schools from around Oregon are invited to participate. The Showdown will use the same case materials as the Regional/State Competition so there is no confusion in preparing for a different case. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for high school competitors to meet and compete in front of collegiate Mock Trial team members. 

This year’s Duckpond Showdown will take place on Saturday, December 4, 2021. You can register for the event using this LINK. (Note: registration closes on October 22, 2021).  If you have any questions regarding the Duckpond Showdown please contact the team directly. 

Mock Trial Scrimmages

Another great way for teams to gain some experience prior to Regional Competitions is to participate in a friendly scrimmage with another team. Many teams throughout the state are happy to set up a day and time to connect with another Mock Trial team and practice out their courtroom strategies. This affords teams an informal way to gain real-world experience competing without all the logistical requirements associated with hosting a larger-scale Invitational or Mini-Mock Competition. 

If you are interested in finding a scrimmage partner for your Mock Trial team and looking for assistance, feel free to reach out to Chris Parrucci.