Courthouse Experience Tour FAQ

What do I need to know about security procedures for my students & chaperones?

Your group will go through metal detectors at the courthouse. Please plan accordingly, and advise students and chaperones to avoid any unnecessary delays during the security process.

  • Leave metal objects at home.
  • Things like belt buckles, knitting needles, scissors, pepper spray and so on will set off the detectors.
  • Teachers, this is especially important for chaperones. Please have all adults in your group review security guidelines for Jackson County or Multnomah County prior to your tour.
  • Stay in your groups.
  • The security staff wants all teachers and chaperones to be mindful that many people accused of a crime are not in custody. Therefore, chaperones must remain with their small groups at all times.

Does Classroom Law Project run court tours in other counties?
At this time, we have tours in Jackson County and Multnomah County, and are developing tours in Lane County and Central Oregon. In addition, we offer Virtual Courthouse Experience Tour resources. Other law-related options to search on your own include:

  • Hatfield Federal Courthouse Tour, 503-326-8092
  • Pioneer Courthouse Tour, 503-833-5305
  • Portland Police Museum Tour, 503-823-0019
  • Other Oregon Courthouses,