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Workshop 4.16.22

Learn how Community Action Projects (Project Citizen) - an inquiry-based student action program - can be adapted to suit classroom needs in a wide variety of subjects.
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2020 Election Workshop

If you missed the virtual workshop, you can still access the "2020 Election: Why Voting Matters" materials for new and refreshed elections resources, materials, and strategies for your classroom.
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Digital Resources

The Civic Engagement and the Ethics of Public Health workshop was supported by University of Oregon's Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, and engaged participants in the Project Citizen model around current public health policy.
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Geo-Civics Resources

Geo-Civics: Teaching Justice Through Geography: Remote learning resources for Oregon teachers!
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In-School Trainings

We are happy to craft a workshop or training session for your school or district. If you can help us gather eight or more interested educators, we'll bring our expertise and curriculum right to your door.
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Would you prefer a one-on-one session? We're happy to provide assistance or mentoring in lesson plan or curriculum creation, classroom strategies, or other areas of civics education for K-12 classrooms.
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