Training and Consulting


Classroom Law Project is dedicated to providing educators throughout Oregon with ongoing, relevant, standards-based, and impactful professional development in civics, government, constitutional law, Oregon law, and current issues.

Classroom Law Project also offers workshops on how to implement our innovative programs in your classroom. Learn how you can make the most of Project Citizen, We the People, and Mock Trial / We the Jury.

Check out our Events page to see what’s on the schedule.

In-School Trainings

We are happy to craft a workshop or training session for your school or district. If you can help us gather eight or more interested educators, we’ll bring our expertise and curriculum right to your door. Please contact Cari Zall at CLP if you are interested in bringing on-site training to your school or district.


Would you prefer a one-on-one session? We’re happy to provide assistance or mentoring in lesson plan or curriculum creation, classroom strategies, or other areas of civics education. We have experience from elementary through college-level high school curriculum and teaching. Want Classroom Law Project staff or a local master teacher to help you make the most of civic education? Register here and we’ll help you!