Oregon Civic Scholars

In 2015, the Oregon Legislature declared the first Friday of each December as “Oregon Civics Day for Teachers.” To celebrate, Classroom Law Project hosts an educators’ conference on that day every year at the State Capitol in Salem.

Each year teachers are sponsored by either their State Senator or State Representative as Civic Scholars to attend the Civics Conference. As a Civic Scholar, your substitute will be paid for, you will receive a travel stipend, and if you need to stay over in Salem, your lodging will be covered.  Civic Scholars also gain access to early announcements for other Professional Development throughout the year as well as any special events or opportunities CLP may offer.

How it Works (new!)

  • Starting in August, Registration will open for the Oregon Civics Conference
  • Once you register to attend, we will submit your name to your State Representative or State Senator to be sponsored as a Civic Scholar
  • We will try to confirm within 2-3 weeks of your registration which legislator will be sponsoring you & request you write them a thank you letter
  • That confirmation will also serve as confirmation of your status as a Civic Scholar

Please Note: we need time to connect you to a legislative sponsor, so the sooner you register for the Conference, the better!

How to find your State Representative or State Senator