Oregon Civic Scholars

Register for the 2019 Oregon Civics Conference by November 10 to participate as a Civic Scholar

Benefits of attending as a Civic Scholar:

    • Sponsorship by your Oregon Representative or Senator & the opportunity to connect with them directly
    • Your registration for the conference is free
    • Classroom Law Project pays for your substitute
    • You retain premium access to future events and professional development hosted by Classroom Law Project (workshops, Summer Institute, etc.)
    • You get priority submission consideration to present at future workshops and conferences
    • You get to meet and network with Civic Scholars from all parts of the state!


How it works (new this year!):

    • Register for the Conference before November 10, 2019
    • Classroom Law Project will connect you to your Legislative Sponsor for the conference
    • Classroom Law Project will provide you the contact information to send a thank you note to your Legislative Sponsor
    • Come and enjoy the best conference of the year!