2019 Oregon Civics Conference for Teachers

December 06, 2019

Capitol Building

900 Court Street NE
Salem, OR



Elevating Voices
Expanding Participation

Your $25 registration fee will provide you with a one-day civics education experience like no other! Join teachers from around Oregon at the Capitol to hear from members of the state executive, judicial, and legislative branches, experts, scholars, and activists in a variety of relevant areas that connect to our theme this year, and to network with your colleagues.

Bonus: If you are sponsored by your state Representative or Senator as a Civic Scholar, you can attend at no cost! Civic Scholars get a refund on their registration fee, receive substitute coverage for the day, and if they are traveling from afar, lodging and a travel stipend are offered. Check it out!

See the OCC webpage for more information about the Oregon Civics Conference.