Legal Citizen of the Year Award Celebration

2021 Legal Citizen of the Year honorees Mara & Rob Shlachter

The 2021 Legal Citizen of the Year Award

Classroom Law Project honored Mara & Rob Shlachter at the 2021 Legal Citizen of the Year Award & Celebration!

In 2021, we celebrated virtually with an exciting program on Thursday, April 15, 2021.  Supporters from around the country joined us to recognize the great contributions Mara & Rob have made to civics education in Oregon. You can watch a recording of the event HERE.

About Our Honorees

Mara & Rob Shlachter have been involved with Classroom Law Project since 1996, when they began coaching Mock Trial together, first at Catlin Gabel, then Lincoln High School. They have led many teams to state finals, including four state champion teams. Over the last 25 years, they have coached and mentored more than 300 Oregon high school students through their involvement with the Mock Trial program. The Shlachters are active philanthropists in the Portland area, sharing their time, resources, and expertise with a number of organizations and projects focused on supporting youth. They received the Sussman Award in 2012, and were honored by Hillel of Greater Portland in 2018. We are proud to recognize their contributions to civic education and dedication to young Oregonians by naming Mara & Rob Shlachter as our 2021 Legal Citizens of the Year.


There are many sponsorship opportunities for the Legal Citizen of the Year Award & Celebration.  Please contact Robert Hulshof-Schmidt if you have questions or need further information.

About the Legal Citizen of the Year Award

The Jonathan U. Newman Legal Citizen of the Year Award recognizes the late Judge Newman for his leadership in encouraging and instilling respect for civic education in Oregon. Each year, a leader is honored for demonstrating a commitment to the mission and principles of Classroom Law Project including advancing the ideals of civic education and inspiring future generations. View a list of all our honorees over the years.

As part of the Legal Citizen of the Year Award & Celebration, Classroom Law Project also honors an exemplary educator in Oregon with the Civic Educator of the Year Award. The 2020-21 honoree, announced December 4 at the annual Oregon Civics Conference for Teachers, is Deborah Mueller of Village Home.