ABBY Cohort Registration Form

The Abby Cohort Program - Registration

Please complete this form to register to participate in Classroom Law Project's 2019-20 Abby Cohort Program
  • Where you can receive emails even when the school year is not in session
  • Where you can receive materials and/or stipend checks even when school is not in session
  • (as far as you know)
  • Whether you chose "Yes" or "No" above, please describe your school and student community to us, including regional, cultural, ethnic, geographic, economic, or other aspects of your students' lives.
  • Please describe the kinds of materials, curriculum, resources you use or need for your teaching of Civics. Where do you believe you and your students are lacking with regard to Civics Education resources?
  • *Summer Institute (June 24-26, 2019), Fall Workshop (October 12, 2019), and Spring Workshop (April 11, 2020)